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Have you ever wondered about making money blogging? Is it possible to gain a decent income through blogging? Yes, obviously it is most possible in this era. Gone are those days when people were getting newspapers to go through daily activities but, the time has changed the way we live, feed and grasp things. No matter what you want, there is plenty of resources out there. We people have strong crave for learning new things, which in turn give rise to a huge number of creative bloggers who curate content that gets them passive income-including the blog you are reading now. In short, blogger curate compelling content and sharing it in social media but the number of views each post receives will get them cash. Yes, you have to monetize your content and that is how bloggers earning cash in no time.

No matter what kind of business you are doing- whether it is a business website or tech blog or simply a hobby blog that tells your daily activities, you can turn your passion into passive income by just monetize it with CPC or CPM Ads.

CPC- By placing a relevant advertisement on this site, bloggers making money. CPC denotes cost per click ads which are kind of banners that you have to place it in your blog for which you receive money. Yes, whenever the user clicks the ad, it will be redirected to your blog post. This is how you will get paid.

CPM Ad is nothing but the cost per impressions. You will get paid whenever the user views the advertisement you place in your content. If you don't want to have direct contact with an advertisement agency, you can go with Google AdSense. If you place a banner on your site, Google Adsense will provide you quality advertisements.

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