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What Content length ranks well?

  • Sep 04, 2018
  • by prerna

What Content length ranks well?

Not too way back, online posts that were 250 words or less was the norm.   Then folks started mass-producing pages with very little or no additional worth to users (a.k.a. short content).   Google then extended the Panda update to cut back the prevalence of those low-quality pages within the SERPs and consequently, reward distinctive, a lot of compelling content.   As a result, a lot and a lot of bloggers are writing longer posts in recent years and people who did write longer posts conjointly reported sturdy results and better ROI.   We got curious to grasp whether or not a similar trend applies to our community. therefore we have a tendency to asked our Twitter followers what content length they advocate for a weblog post to rank well.  

Writing Blog Posts, What Content length do you suggest If you want to rank well?

    According to the Twitter audience:  
  • 33 per cent of the respondents recommend writing a blog post with 1,000-2,000 words if you want your content to rank well.
  • ‘It depends,‘ answered 32 per cent of the respondents when asked about a recommended content length.
  • 24 per cent considered 1,000 words or less as the ideal content length for writing blog posts.
  • 11 per cent recommended that writing blog posts with more than 2,000 words are best for ranking purposes.
Note: “It depends” was included because when you create content, it’s important to tailor it for your audience rather than following some invariable rule. It varies from industry to industry and niche to niche.   Every website is unique. So it can be dangerous to apply blanket advice on anything involving SEO or content.      


Keep in mind although that a bit like there's no excellent publication frequency, there's additionally no excellent content length. Longer journal posts don't essentially equate to quality content and higher SEO results.   Worrying regarding the number of words to jot down won’t do one any smart.   Focusing on the standard of your content and guaranteeing that it provides the foremost price to users area unit what’s vital for SEO.

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