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Learning is a continuous process and the only way which can help you to grow exponentially in the industry. Upgrading your skills and knowledge is eminently important for career growth. In this fast-moving era, new trends keep on approaching the market and if you belong to the digital marketing industry then staying updated with the latest technology and the trend is of paramount importance for you.

After analyzing the requirement of the industry, DMSN has specially designed a digital marketing course for the working professionals. This digital marketing course helps the working professionals to upgrade their skills and experience a faster growth rate. Let’s know how this course will help you to reap the opportunities available in the digital world.

How this course will help you to achieve a remarkable career growth?

This digital marketing course will help you experience a quick growth in your career as it will be an add-on to your skills and knowledge. It will help you upgrade your marketing skills and keep pace with the latest marketing demands of the industry. You will easily be able to achieve your sales target by boosting online sales. In addition, you can also earn an extra income via part-time or freelancing work which is quite well-paid projects.


CORE MODULES - (- The course curriculum of the digital marketing course for professionals is designed keeping in mind the latest marketing requirement of the industry. It’s a comprehensive course and includes all the eminent concepts of digital marketing. The core modules are listed below, have a look-)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This is a 4 week module which covers the techniques of search engine optimization in detail. The module starts with the introduction of basic concepts and terminology of SEO. Later, you will be introduced to the advanced techniques of SEO.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) -This module provides a detailed information about the search engine marketing and includes all the tactics of internet marketing. It is a 6 week module which will impart an in-depth knowledge of search engine marketing which will include website promotion, enhancing website’s rank in SERP, paid marketing and unpaid marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) -Today, social media is one serving as one of the best platforms for marketing and promoting business. In this module, you will get the detailed knowledge of marketing on different social media platforms. In this 5 week module, you will learn the tactics of planning and driving social media campaigns. Apart from running marketing campaigns on social media, you will also learn to manage social media platforms for promoting business.
  • Email Marketing - One of the best ways to target the customers is email marketing as it directly targets the customers as well as keep them informed about the latest updates. So, this module imparts an in-depth knowledge of setting up and driving e-mail marketing for the targeted audience. In addition, you will also learn the use of the latest e-mail marketing tools.
  • Inbound Marketing - One of the basic objectives of digital marketing is to drive sales by generating effective leads. This inbound marketing module will make you learn the techniques of generating leads, driving sales as well as driving the suspects towards for products and services. This module will be covered in a short span of 4 weeks.
  • Web Analytics - This module will be covered in 5 weeks and imparts the detailed knowledge of analyzing the performance of the website. You will be introduced to numerous latest web analytic tools used for analyzing website performance, visitor’s behavior and a lot more.
DMSN Training
SPECIALIZATION MODULES - (The specialization modules are included in the digital marketing course for enhancing the skills of professionals and to help them experience a high growth in a short span. These modules will help you to polish your skills and achieve your professional goals like a pro.)
  • Web content management – website needs to be updated every now and then with the latest content. The content at the website is updated via content management system. Thus, this module introduces you to the content management software and makes you learn the techniques of creating and managing digital content.
  • Affiliate marketing – generating sales and traffic is one of the major objectives of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is another technique of boosting sales through promotions on external websites. Thus, this module is specially introduced for introducing you to the techniques of digital marketing.
  • How to grab freelancing project – if you are looking for an extra source of income, then grabbing a freelancing project is one of the best options. In order to grab a freelancing project, you need to know the basic of representing your skills as well as client handling skills. This modulewill make you learn the art of grabbing freelancing project easily.
  • Blogging – another good source of earning an extra income and building your name is blogging. This module will make you lean the tactics of kick-starting your own blog, managing as well as promoting the same. In addition, you will also learn the art of earning money from blogging.

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Students reviews

DMSN Reviews

Sakshi Vyas

System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

It was great Institute, it given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my filed of choice – Would definitely be recommended for who are looking for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

DMSN Reviews

Bhawna Bansal

BBA, Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies

It’s about 2-3 months that I’m with dmsn. They are providing excellent classes and live sessions to make learning easier. I would like to convey my thanks to Sachin sir to establish me.

DMSN Reviews

Sonu Sharma

I am the part of DMSN and they provide the good facility, and the teachers are very cooperative and they help every time.  if you want to learn digital marketing, then go to DMSN

DMSN Reviews

Abhishek Saini

Really good course with latest techniques. My favorite part was Social Media and AdWords. All the Trainees were provided with a lot of useful tools and trainers were also there to explain you the benefits and procedure of using these tools to enhance your online visibility.

DMSN Reviews

Arvind Kumar

DMSN is a good institute among the all digital marketing institutes. Thier trainers are very professionally trained resolves my query in a minute according to me. They provide better facilities than others.

course Certificates

Get 15+ Certification after completion of Course

  • 1Google Adwords Certification
  • 2Video Advertising Certification
  • 3Mobile Advertising Certificiation
  • 4Google Analytics Certification
  • 5Facebook Advertising Certification
  • 6Shopping Advertising Certification
  • 7Bind Ads Certification
  • 8Inbound Certification
  • 9DMSN Certification
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates
DMSN Certificates

How to get DMSN Certified ?

SIS (Student Information System) helps you to get core content of Advanced Digital Marketing (24*7) & helps you to enhance your digital skills more effectively.


Curriculum built on endorsement and suggestions to become a certified Digital Marketer. DMSN certification which gives you more mileage in your CV than others

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course Trainers

DMSN Trainers

Anurag Pandey

DMSN Trainers


DMSN Trainers

Kapil Taneja

DMSN Trainers

Amit Upadhyay

DMSN Trainers

Mayank Kumar

DMSN Trainers

Avdesh Kumar

DMSN Trainers

Nisha Yadav

DMSN Trainers

Abhijit Ghosal

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Upcoming Dates For Digital Marketing Course
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Dates Timings Day Course Fees Register Your Course
February 11, 2019 - February 15, 2019 03:00 PM to 5:00 PM Tues - Thrus - Friday Rs 48,000* Register Now
February 11, 2019 - February 15, 2019 03:00 PM to 5:00 PM Tues - Thrus - Friday Rs 48,000* Register Now
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  • Group Discount : 10% off on Corporate Batches.
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Success Stories

DMSN Success Stories

Himasnhi Sharma


Good learning Experience. I have learned many new things in the field of Digital marketing. DMSN is the best Institute in Delhi and they have good facility and experienced trainers.

DMSN Success Stories

Nikhil Kansal

Marketing & Sales Head in Havels India Ltd

DMSN provides practical knowledge along with Theoretical knowledge. My experience was very good and the trainers are so well supportive and always ready to help you. DMSN is the best institute among all in Delhi and I would recommend DMSN to everyone.

DMSN Success Stories

Nutan Kaushik

Sr. Marketing Sales Manager

Experience with DMSN is best. Best practical classes, as well as they, provide a lab class also for all students related to their problem and they give task for better understanding or practice. I will suggest this institute to everyone

DMSN Success Stories

Amit Vats

Digital Marketing Executive at Trappist Infotech

I have been taking classes of Digital Marketing course from last two month in DMSN. When I took admission in two month back that time I researched many institutions but finally I took admission in DMSN and I am thinking that my decision was good because faculty are too good.…

DMSN Success Stories

Saddam Hussain

Tech Support, Suntech

It is a Great Experience with, the DMSN, specially Trainers are Awesome, they have Solutions for our all kind of problems, and they provide perfect Services that suits our needs during the Course.

DMSN Success Stories

Sakshi Vyas

System Engineer, TCS

It was great Institute, it given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my filed of choice – Would definitely be recommended for who are looking for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi


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