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Technology is changing at quite a fast rate and new trends keep on approaching the market every now and then. Thus, for developing a strong competitive edge, entrepreneurs need to keep pace with technology and the trends. Today, a major portion of the business is procured online and if you are still marketing through traditional ways then you are losing a great business. In order to help the entrepreneurs keep up with the latest digital marketing techniques, DMSN has designed a special digital marketing course for the entrepreneurs. This uniquely designed digital marketing course will help you to enhance your digital marketing skills. How this course will help you to build your business?

With the advancement of the technology, everything is available online in just a few clicks. Thus, online marketing proves to be one of the major source of driving sales. This digital marketing course will help you gain high returns on your investment as well as will help you to target your specific audience which helps in keeping the marketing expenditure in budget. In addition, if you are starting a new business then you can easily drive good sales by spending a little on the marketing.


CORE MODULES - (This course is specially designed keeping in mind the digital marketing requirement of a business, thus it includes all the major modules of digital marketing. The core modules included in the course are listed below, have a look – )
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This is a 4 week module which includes basic as well as advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This module starts with the introduction of key terminology of SEO and later introduces you to the advanced SEO practices which serve a long way in driving traffic to the website.
  • Search Engine Marketing - It is the second module of digital marketing course which imparts an in-depth knowledge of search engine marketing. It is a 6 week module in which you will learn the basic as well as advance ways of search engine marketing which includes paid marketing, unpaid marketing, website promotion, increasing website’s visibility in SERPs and a lot more.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) - This module will be covered in 5 weeks and will make you learn the art of marketing the business on different social media sites. You will also learn the strategies for planning as well as running marketing campaigns for numerous social media platforms. This module will make you an expert in social media marketing and post completion of this module will have hands-on knowledge of handling different social media handles for your company.
  • Email Marketing - This module will be covered in 4 weeks and will impart you an in-depth knowledge of e-mail marketing which is an eminent source of targeting customers and driving sales. This module will impart a detailed knowledge of driving e-mail marketing campaigns as well as will cover the advanced e-mail marketing tools.
  • Inbound Marketing - This is a 4 week module which covers the basic as well as the advanced techniques of generating the effective leads and driving sales for boosting the revenue. This module will make you master the art of driving customers towards your products or services through online marketing on various digital platforms.
  • Web Analytics - For boosting your performance, analyzing your current performance is of utmost importance. This 5 week module will impart you the skills of analyzing the performance of your website, the behavior of the visitors, ranking of your website and a lot more. In addition, you will also learn the use of different analytic tools as well as different ways for improving your website’s performance.
DMSN Training for Entrepreneurs
SPECIALIZATION MODULES - (These specialization modules are very uniquely designed, keeping in mind the objectives of entrepreneurs for pursuing a digital marketing course. These specialization modules will boost your knowledge and understanding about the role of digital marketing in boosting business. )
    • Online reputation management - Users generally scroll to the first page results of the search engine. So, it is eminently important to hold a high rank in search engine results and this module will particularly introduce you to the techniques of boosting your content search in the search engine.
    • Lead Generation strategy – one of the ultimate goals of digital marketing is to generate leads for driving sales. Thus, a strong lead generation strategy of utmost importance for effective results from digital marketing. This module will teach you to develop a strong lead generation strategy for boosting sales.
    • Retargeting management – Converting your suspects into customers is another important task of the marketing. This retargeting management module will impart you the knowledge about advanced display marketing for targeting the users which frequently visit your website but end up with no actions.
    • Digital Marketing strategy – Driving a digital marketing campaign without a well-planned strategy is futile. It needs to be driven with a strategy for targeting the relevant audience and boosting sales. Thus, this module is specially introduced for the entrepreneurs in order to help the design an effective social marketing strategy.

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    Students reviews

    DMSN Reviews

    Sakshi Vyas

    System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

    It was a great Institute, it gave me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice – Would definitely be recommended for who are looking for Passive source of income with Job.

    DMSN Reviews

    Guljar Singh

    SEO Executive @ Epage Digital

    DMSN is an excellent institute for those who are looking forward to making their career in Digital Marketing. I would highly recommend this institute for your digital growth.

    DMSN Reviews

    Sonu Sharma

    I am the part of DMSN and they provide the good facility, and the teachers are very cooperative and they help every time.  if you want to learn digital marketing, then go to DMSN

    DMSN Reviews

    Abhishek Saini

    Really good course with latest techniques. My favorite part was Social Media and AdWords. All the Trainees were provided with a lot of useful tools and trainers were also there to explain you the benefits and procedure of using these tools to enhance your online visibility.

    DMSN Reviews

    Arvind Kumar

    DMSN is a good institute among the all digital marketing institutes. Thier trainers are very professionally trained resolves my query in a minute according to me. They provide better facilities than others.

    course Certificates

    Get 15+ Certification after completion of Course

    • 1Google Adwords Certification
    • 2Video Advertising Certification
    • 3Mobile Advertising Certificiation
    • 4Google Analytics Certification
    • 5Facebook Advertising Certification
    • 6Shopping Advertising Certification
    • 7Bind Ads Certification
    • 8Inbound Certification
    • 9DMSN Certification
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates
    DMSN Certificates

    How to get DMSN Certified ?

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    Curriculum built on endorsement and suggestions to become a certified Digital Marketer. DMSN certification which gives you more mileage in your CV than others

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    course Trainers

    DMSN Trainers

    Anurag Pandey

    DMSN Trainers


    DMSN Trainers

    Kapil Taneja

    DMSN Trainers

    Amit Upadhyay

    DMSN Trainers

    Mayank Kumar

    DMSN Trainers

    Avdesh Kumar

    DMSN Trainers

    Nisha Yadav

    DMSN Trainers

    Abhijit Ghosal

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    Success Stories

    DMSN Success Stories

    Sukrit Jain

    Business Owner – Iron & Steel Traders

    Overall experience is good. DMSN is the best institute among all the institutes. They provide theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge. DMSN helps me in getting the sales of my business and give a new direction to my life and my business.

    DMSN Success Stories


    Institute Owner

    Best experience with DMSN, here I learn many things not a course but lots of other things, confidence development, logical thinking ability and they convert my weakness into my strength... Now I am a good digital marketer and good leader also.

    DMSN Success Stories

    Sumit Kashyap

    Software Engineer, Accenture

    Trainer was highly experienced & delivered industry standard content, Especially affiliate marketing module helps me to generate my part-time income, finally thanks to Dmsn.


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